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Are your science students and looking for ways to prepare a good scientific model based on your observations and skills? If yes, then you must check out this blog to know how you can prepare a good working model for science that can be presented in science exhibitions.

Once you have completed a study about a particular science chapter, you can use your observations and skills to create a functional science modal. We have prepared a checklist as it will guide students in preparing a constructing and operational working model for science exhibition. Students are encouraged to use the checklist so that they can create a great project for science exhibition. Some of the things that can be followed by preparing a great science model include:

Things to keep in mind while making a Good Scientific Model?

a) The modal must be based on reliable observations.

b) The modal you have prepared must explain the characteristics of the observations used to formulate it.

c) You must be able to clearly explain phenomena that is used while creating the model for science exhibition.

d) You must be able to explain when any new and conflicting observations arise, giving satisfactory replies is a must.

Using the correct tools to prepare a model for science exhibition is a must

Having the right kind of tools to create a model is a prerequisite that helps make the modal look more functional. Having the right tools will help make your modal a good model from a great one. Don’t waste time looking for the substitute for a missing tool, rather get the right kind of tool that helps create a wonderful model for science exhibition

1. Use High-Quality Cutting Tools

When creating a working model for science make sure that you have all good quality cutting tools based on your project requirement and needs. Getting specific tools related to the project will help you construct an operational modal within a shorter period. Getting a clean edge will give a neat and clean look to your modal and in case it lacks cleanliness, then you are missing out on an important thing.

Get your hands on a good utility knife with a set of exchangeable blades; a blunt knife is often more dangerous than a sharp one. A good pair of sharp scissors comes in handy too, especially when you don’t want to spend hours making delicate cuts using a knife for a simple sketch model.

Making a working model of a science exhibition which demonstrates your thoughts and skills might look boring. But in case you prepare it in a creative way, you will be able to present the same more interestingly. But sometimes students get confused regarding science exhibition ideas and how they can bring new excitement and enthusiasm to a CBSE science exhibition’s project.

In case you have a clear understanding of the scientific principle and have a clear answer to all the questions, you can easily do the task of preparing a science exhibition project.

In case you have a clear understanding of the scientific principle and have a clear answer to all the questions, you can easily do the task of preparing a science exhibition project.

2. Water level Indicator Model

This model for the CBSE science exhibition can be created to show how water can be used in making a circuit and how it is a good conductor of electricity. Making this project will make you feel entertained and you will get to learn so many new skills as well. In case you want to show the working of sensors and alarms, then creating this model for a science activity workshop is a good option.

3. Working Model for science exhibition - Capacitor

A capacitor is a device that is used to store a small electric charge. When two conductive plates get separated by a small insulator named dielectric, they are able to form an electric field. Aluminum foil is conductive in nature while the cling wrap is insulating. Since both are flat and thin, therefore both are considered best for creating a capacitor. Through this working model, students can prove concepts of capacitance, working, and applications in a science exhibition.

4. Working model for science exhibition- astronomical telescope

A telescope is an optical instrument useful to make distant objects look closer. The telescopes include an arrangement of lenses, or curved mirrors, through which the rays of light get collected and the resulting image gets magnified. Using the video tutorial available on the internet, you can easily make a simple telescope as most of the material required can easily be collected from the nearby store.

5. Solar cell model for science exhibition

You can create a solar cell, which is an instrument used to convert obtained from the sun into electricity. Highly efficient and durable solar cells can easily be purchased from a science store. These cells are made using highly processed silicon and can be used while making a science project.

6. Model for science exhibition- Cotton candy machine

This model for science exhibition can easily be prepared by the school going students who look for some interesting ways to create a science exhibition project. This model has gained importance at a worldwide level and it is one of the most preferred ways for making a project. A cotton candy modal can easily be prepared at home using a simple household material.

In this modal, when sugar is heated it will become liquid caramel and in case you continue heating it, it will burn out. In case liquid caramel is pushed out from small holes by the centrifugal force when the container rotates continuously, the cotton candy will be created by recrystallizing the same in the form of minutely thin sugar strands.

7. Water rocket model

One can easily prepare this science school modal to show the working of rockets in a particular manner. One can easily make this model with the help of the simplest and most easily available household material such as plastic bottles, polythene, bags, electrical tape, etc. that are needed while preparing the same. It is one of the interesting ways to explain the practical working of a rocket which uses pressurized air and water as fuel.

So these are some of the science exhibition ideas which you can make at your home or at a science exhibition. Making more mistakes and learning from your experience will help you broaden your understanding. The more models you create, the better the learning experience you will have. You must pen down your difficulties and what all you have learned so far will help to solve more problems.

Take advice from the experts at Ziyyara

Creating a working model for science might be a difficult task but it’s not impossible. In case you want to know everything about the kind of material and tools required or science exhibition ideas, you can get in touch with the experts at Ziyyara who will help you in making the model. Don’t be afraid to ask any kind of question in front the experts, there is nothing called a stupid question especially when you are creating new models on your own.

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