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Technology in today’s date is full of bells and whistles. The Internet is a best medium to impart knowledge and groom student’s for the better future, as internet is not only a way to get updated with the latest news and current affairs. With a perfect blend of latest technology online teaching has become more interactive and entertaining so that the students can learn in a better way.

Kids nowadays know even better ways to utilize the awesomeness of the Internet than adults. And, this is where the concept of online one-to-one tuition evolved. The technology with the advanced development of the internet has replaced the home tuitions with one-to-one tuition. The online tuitions have brought a new and fascinating meaning to the world of teachings.

There are many reasons as to why students nowadays prefer online one-to-one tuition than group tuition through some intellectually developed sites like Ziyyara. Ziyyara is like a blessing for a disguise for all those students who have always wanted some knowledge impartment just a click away.

Here are some of the many good reasons as to why students plump for online one-to-one tuitions rather than group tuitions through the well-trained teachers from Ziyyara. The art of tutoring is thousand of years old. But, with time this art gets to encounter different and unique ways of imparting knowledge to pupils.

Nowadays, there are highly qualified and well-trained teaching faculties available online. These faculties are trained CBSE tutors, IB tutors and IGSE tutors, who provide one-on-one home tuition through various intriguing platform such as Ziyyara.

Here are some vitally important grounds that give an insight as to why students prefer for online one-to-one tuition rather than group tuition.

  • Every student is blessed with uniqueness. This makes every child different from others. Online tuitions open the windows for one on one interaction for every child and help the tutor to understand the child’s special skills and use them to understand the academic concepts.
  • Online tuitions also give freedom to every tutor to design customized lessons for every child. The customization in the lessons and teaching methods depends on the child’s grasping power and ability to understand. This one freedom can’t be enjoyed either in group classes or home tuitions which are both time-bound. Students who have some kind of learning problems gets the maximum benefits.
  • Students from any corner of the World can choose a teacher of their choice and comfort. The online tuition platforms like Ziyyara gives a benefit to the students allowing them to choose a teacher of their own choice who influences them the most. This makes the learning sessions even more interesting and fruitful.
  • Online tuitions platforms like Ziyyara follows the friendly learning environment which doesn’t promote stressing homework and test practices. They believe in making the students indulge in actual learning instead of wasting hours doing homework and resulting in nothing fruitful.
  • Ziyyara is one such platform which likes experimenting with their teaching methodologies and material making it interesting for every student. Online tuitions don’t follow the rigid way of focusing on stressing the children with the same old traditional teaching styles. Replacing the numbers with animations makes it even more interesting and grasping for the children. Thus freedom and access to use any study methodology and material with no barriers make the learning efficiency of a child better.
  • The biggest advantage of an online tuition platform such as Ziyyara is having suitable and flexible timetables. The students are no more restricted to follow a time-table irrespective of any conditions. They can opt to take a class either at the bed-time or in the early hours of the day or while traveling. This gives a child a room of ample time to enjoy their extracurricular activities too.
  • Online tuitions not only does good for the children but also for the parents. In today’s busy schedule it becomes hard at times to scoop out time for your child and make them do their homework. Ziyyara is one such platform which has found a quirky and interesting solution to this problem. They don’t promote homework as mentioned earlier making it less hectic for both pupils and their guardians.

These are a few out of many grounds that give an answer to why students prefer for online one-to-one tuition rather than group tuition. A student just needs to create an account on these platforms like Ziyyara offering online tuitions and enjoy their learning sessions with the help of virtual whiteboard by sitting back at their home in their pajamas without the fear of anything in this World.

Another glaring reason why online tuitions are in trend because of their fee that costs a dime compared to those costly private or group tuition children were "forced" to attend by their parents. Ziyyara is one such platform which charges peanuts in return of the well-trained and highly qualified faculty along with intriguing and friendly teaching sessions.

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Book a Free Demo Class!!

Book a Free Demo Class!!