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Online tuition in India is booming, especially with the onset of new curricula like the IB courses. The stress of exams, homework, and assignments are painful by itself. But to add to that, IB courses even have Internal Assessments!

But what are these, and why isn’t your online home tuition covering this? They probably are, you just don’t know about it. Internal Assessments are almost as important as the actual end-semester examinations. On a side note, they can also be easier than actual tests. So as a student, it makes sense to do your best in these assessments. After all, it’s all about working smart and not hard, right?

Unfortunately, IB assessments will make you work hard, irrespective of how smart you are. Fortunately, you can take help from your online tuition classes. But without them, you’ll struggle as much as people struggle while trying to spell “entrepreneur”.

If you don’t know what IB internal assessments are yet, consider yourself lucky. Unfortunately, we cannot let you remain blissfully ignorant. There are some things you need to learn before your online tuition drops the bombshell.

What is the IB Board?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is one of the most prestigious educational boards worldwide. It offers high-end courses to some of the best schools globally. Because of the higher standards of an IB school, students even take online home tuition to cope.

The IB board of education is different from a traditional board in many ways. For one, it emphasizes practical and logic-based learning. The overall curriculum is comparatively advanced as well. It instills a sense of intellectualism, personal, emotional, and social skills in the minds of the students. With the help of a great online tuition platform, students can foster their holistic development through IB board schools.

Because the IB board stresses different values, many students struggle to cope with it. Good online home tuition is necessary for them to remain successful. This is true, especially in the case of IB internal assessments. Believe it or not, they're going to be a real pain for you without any professional help or regular practice. Your online tuition classes can help you prepare, but you’ll have to do the work yourselves.

So let’s find out, what exactly are these internal assessments?

About IB Internal Assessments

The IB board can assess a student in different ways. It is a 2-year program for Diplomas. The professors in this duration can make students write essays, make presentations, and sit for exams. Most students can get through these easily through proper online home tuition sessions.

However, if examiners only relied on these kinds of assessments, it would take a toll on them. The IB board found a great solution for this – creating internal assessments. Now, this is something that you can't get through without proper online tuition classes.

So what are internal assessments? Any assignments that the teachers grade themselves instead of IB examiners are internal assessments. This implies that your teacher will be the ones assessing you internally, hence the term. Internal assessments are generally tougher because teachers give difficult topics. They don't have to meet international standards of education. That is why online tuition is essential to get through them.

Let's talk about an example now. If you're pursuing Economics, your teacher can ask you to make 4 presentations in two years for internal assessment. The rest of the grades would comprise your performance in external assessments from IB examiners. Every subject on the IB board will have these IAs. To get through them, taking online tuition classes is essential.

Are Internal Assessments Important?

Your online tuition would have the same piece of advice – focus on your internal assessments. That’s because these assessments take up a fair fraction of your overall grade. If you perform well internally, it will reflect on your scores later.

Because each subject will have an internal assessment, scoring well in them is crucial. If you perform well externally but lack internally, your scores will be bad. That’s why any online tuition in India for the IB board would focus on internal assessments throughout.

Can Internal Assessments be Unfair?

Many students think that despite working hard in their online tuition classes, they might still struggle at internal assessments. They fear that a strict teacher might grade them unfairly. Fortunately, that cannot be the case.

IB board assigns an external examiner to moderate some assignments in schools to ensure fair marking. Thus, all you need to do is work hard with your teachers and online tuition to score well.

How to Score Maximum Possible Marks in IB Internal Assessmetsn?

We've stressed the importance of internal assessments on the IB board? They make up a large chunk of your overall percentage. All this indicates that scoring well in IB assessments is crucial.

A foolproof way to achieve that is to take appropriate online tuition classes. Unfortunately, that would require quite a bit of research.

So, are you struggling to find good online tuition in India for the IB board? We, at Ziyyara, are offering live and interactive classes for all kinds of IB subjects. Our online classes are interactive, result-oriented, and effective.

Here’s what we have to offer to our ambitious students:

● We have a list of expert tutors that students can choose from.

● Our tutors believe in a holistic approach to learning, the same as the IB board.

● We offer personalized courses for different students.

● Our fee structure is highly affordable.

● We offer free demo classes to our students.


The IB board is a prestigious one. It allows students to take up high-end international opportunities. Sure, their internal assessments might be a tad difficult. But in the end, it’s all worth it if you work hard enough.

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