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Written by Ziyyara 13-09-2019

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In the era of 21st century, Online tuition is becoming very common word, every second person knows what online tuition is. If you are not aware of the difference between the two; what is online tuition and old-way tuition or just tuition, then this blog will help you to understand the concept of the both. We also would like to share a comprehensive list of registered organizations who provides online tuition in India and worldwide.

What is tuition?

In very simple language, tuition means to impart education , whether it’s from school or in the form of in-person tutoring, i.e. one-to-one or one to many, which may include 4-10 or a batch of more than 10 students.

The origin of word “Tuition” is derived from LATIN word known as tueri , then later it transformed into tuitio and then lastly tuition emanates into existence.

Tution origin

Tuition word is mostly associated with tutoring, learning, education, teaching and so on.

What is Online tuition?

Now we all are well acquainted with the notion of tuition or old-way tuition, now you must like to know about online tuition. Online tuition isn’t different from in-person tuition or tuition, only the medium of communication got changed. Online tuition is a newest way of tutoring an individual pupils or small groups from the comfort of their homes i.e. via online.

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In online tuition, a tutor or a teacher can easily impart their tutoring sessions just by sitting in front of a computer system with good internet connectivity from anywhere in the world. Since this is a digital era, so the technological advancement doesn’t stop with one-way communication only and hence opens a platform for two-way audio, video communication and screen sharing. this way both tutors and students stay on the same page.

Online tuition is more convenient and comfortable than their counterparts in tuition or in-person group tuition. With online tuition, you are not bound to physical class session and sit on an uncomfortable chair and most importantly you don’t have to travel at all. Online Tuition has replaced the traditional chalk/marker and board studying with virtual whiteboard , which has endless features, like screen sharing, documents and screenshot sharing and lesson recordings. Online tuition is bringing a change to traditional tutoring or learning.

How to find worthy online tuition platform or website?

The question is most often searched on Google or other search engines with different-different axioms like- best online tuition, which online tutoring website is good for me, how to believe on online tutors or will this tutoring website help me to score more.

So, don’t worry.. we’ve covered all the aspects related to these searches:

Don’t be a stereotype: Most of the students enroll in online tutoring website because their friends tell them to enroll or their class topper studied from that tutoring website.

If your mate or a topper is enrolled with that website, then it does not mean that same website will suit you too, because every tutoring website have different tutors and every tutor has its own way of teaching. May be your friend understands the way of teaching his/her tutor use, but it’s not mandatory that it will suit to everyone. Similarly, it happens in classrooms that some students like the way of learning from their teacher and some doesn’t.

Also there might be other reasons they flaunt those websites- like he/she will get an offer, any kind of discount or referrals by referring someone like you. So, don’t be a stereotype and do a self-analysis based on the reviews and other information available on various search engines.

Book a Free Session: How to decide which website is good for you? How will you know if you can benefit from it? In order to find the best and reliable online tutoring website is by booking a free initial learning session. It could be for any subject, let’s say Math, Chemistry, Economics or Accounts and if they can meet your expectations by addressing your problems, then it simply means that you’ve found the best website with an excellent tutor.

This free session will help you to identify the quality of its tutors and in case if you don’t like that session, then you won’t lose any money, after all it is a free session.

Check Online presence: Every business has a digital footprint and listing in online directories, so if you want to analyze any website and their reputation, then it’s readily available online. To gain the confidence, you can go through their Social Media Pages, Google reviews and some other review-based platforms. Sometimes, they aren’t reliable as they have their own Public Relations and Online Reputation team who maintains their social media presence which sometime creates a confusion.

Gender: Many students thinks that teacher’s gender matters to obtain the best education. There is a controversial study conducted by Thomas Dee, an associate professor of economics and visiting scholar at Stanford University, California. Dee’s hypothesis is based on the findings of a 1988 survey of 25,000 Grade 8 students conducted by the Education Department. Although the survey on which he is basing his findings was conducted 18 years ago, Dee says the Education Department study is the most comprehensive study yet of middle school students. Dee found that girls did better when taught by female teachers and male students did better when taught by male teachers. Despite the findings, Dee says he is not advocating single-sex education.

So, gender doesn’t matter, what matters the most is their education and experience.

Experience: When it comes to impart the knowledge, it’s been said that experience plays a vital role. In order to challenge this notion, we are depicting one fact. Let’s take an example of a student who is in 10th grade and wants to score best in Math. Since the nearby tutors are not experienced enough and there is no one to vouch for them, so in this case that student will look out for the most renowned tuition center or an online tutor, who at least hold an experience of 3-5 years or more.

Tutor’s Language: Does it matter where your tutor is from? Majorly no, but when it comes to dialectal variations in pronunciation, then you should go with the tutor who belongs to your country who has the same native language.

Online Tuition Website List

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S. No. Name Founder/ CEO Founded Traffic
1 Ziyyara Kavita Sharma 2018 India, Egypt, Oman
2 My tutor Robert Grabiner 2012 U.K.
3 Tutor Vista Krishna Ganesh 2005 US
4 Vip Kid Cindy Mi Wenjuan 2013 CHINA
5 Byjus Byju Raveendran 2008 India
6 Vedantu Vamsi Krishna 2014 India
7 Doubtnut Tanushree Nagori 2016 India
8 Khan Academy Salman Khan 2005 Worldwide
9 WizIq Harman Singh 2007 India
10 Skooli Dave Frey 2014 Canada
11 Bharat Tutors Vivek Singh 2010 India
12 Toppr Zishaan Hayath 2013 India
13 Meritnation Pavan Chauhan 2005 India

How Online tuition is easily accessible and cost effective?

As we have already read “What is Online tuition” section above, so we know exactly what online tuition all is about. Now moving on to its pros- it’s convenient, easily accessible and cost effective through which you can score 9/10 compared to group tuition or offline tuition classes. Read the difference between online tuition and group tuition.

Let’s say, you’ve 3 consecutive offline tuition classes for the following subjects Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and all the offline centers has been at the distance of at least 3-5 km’s which takes a lot of time in commuting. If you are lucky enough to have all the offline tuitions at one place/center, then you no longer have a me time for the next 3 hours, plus 1 hour of to and fro time for travelling. Whereas in online tuition classes a student gets a lot of idle time in between all 3 online classes in which they can take their brunch and breather altogether in the comfort of their home. Who doesn’t want that?

When it comes to cost effectiveness of online tuition classes, it’s quite economical as you don’t need to spend money in commuting for tuition classes. Why? Because it’s online and you can take your class from anywhere you, just with a good internet connection. Isn’t Online tuition classes are cost effective? Give it a thought from this perspective as well.

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