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Mathematics is considered as an integral part of our life and concepts we understand in our school is used for the entire life. The detailed clarity of math as a subject and our continuous urge to enhance the kind of knowledge has helped in getting familiar with new concepts.

Maths means an application of matter and plays an important role in contributing towards methodical and systematic behaviors. Maths is used in almost all the professions, no matter which profession you are pursuing, you need to apply your maths skills while coming to any conclusion. For instance, a painter uses his/her creativity and skills while drawing an art. Painters plan and calculate, before putting their imagination on to the canvas. Similarly, scientists use numbers, equations, measurements, different formulas while performing different activities and maths will remain at the center over all the research that they do.

Doing maths puzzles with answer helps a lot in boosting learning of important math-related concepts among children. Moreover, doing tricky maths puzzles with answers helps in sharpening your brain. Solving hard puzzles with answers helps children in understanding a lot of concepts in a fun-filled way.

Making maths problems easier

1. This subject is not a boring topic as might be considered by many. Really this is not the situation and rather maths is quite an interesting subject. By using some fun learning, different theories and concepts related to this subject can be taught to the learners. As compared to different subjects, this subject is quite an interesting and fun knowledge subject.

2. Did you notice sometimes that there are so many fun filled ways of thoughtful maths and the majority of the tricks and puzzles can be solved in case we are well familiar with the latest concepts. Many times, solving more challenging logical puzzles is the best way to utilize available time.

3. One can easily make subjects like algebra, fractional problems, etc. entertaining and interesting.

In case you hunt for some tricky maths crossword puzzles with answers, then you have visited the right place. The beneath maths puzzles with answers will help you solve even hard riddles as well.

Some Tricky hard maths puzzles with answers

1. What will be the Number that can be Replaced with Question Mark? 1, 3, 5, 2, 4, ?

Solution: There is no necessity to treat it as a number rather assume the similar as a situation that we come across in our day to day life where you might see these figures.

Let's provide you a clue:

There is a device inside a vehicle with figures written on it. Yes, your assumptions are right. Since it is an equipment part, so in this question, the letter ‘R’ will come.

2. 9+5=2+?

Yes, you will add five and nine and the answer would be two, but how? The response is right, but how? The explanation is that when it is 9 AM, you will add 5 hours to it and the answer obtained would be 2 PM.

3. 12 *12=9

23 * 23=16


In this inquiry, what figure would you replace with the question spot?

Solution: Afterward doing the multiplication, we can come to the result by adding different numbers that can provide the result.

If 12 multiply by 12=144, 1 + 4 + 4=9

If 23 multiply by 23=529, 5 + 2 + 9=16

If 34 multiply by 34=1156, 1 + 1 + 5 + 6=13

4. Abcd*4=dcba

What would be figure of four digit which on multiplying with 4 will give the opposite of the number?

Solution: here, on finding the product of the figure with 4, we will get 8712 that is exactly the opposite of 2178.

5. In case a cat can catch three bunnies in 180 seconds, how many minutes will be taken to catch 100 bunnies by 100 cats?

Among others, this problem is tricky maths puzzles with answers that are designed to judge your skills. It takes 180 seconds for 100 cats to catch hold exactly the same as bunnies. 1 cat can catch 1 bunny in 180 seconds, so 100 catches can easily hold the same bunnies in 180 seconds.

6. My twin lives exactly at the opposite of my home number. The alteration between both the homes ends in two. What would be the smallest possible numbers of both homes?

This question is not easy to do. In case you assume that you know the answer, then give it a try. The lowest possible numbers for both the homes include 19 and 9.

7. In case a half and a hen gives an egg and a half in one and a half day, calculate the total eggs laid by half dozen hens in half dozen days?

Response: The right option is two dozen. In case you bring a four times increase in the total hens and in the total available time as well, then the total number of eggs will increase 16 times.

8. Calculate the total number of 9's amongst 1 and 100?

Solution: The right option is 20.

9. In a home, a couple has four daughters, all of them have one brother. Calculate total people living in this family.?

Solution: The right option is seven.

Some inspiring reasons which assist in doing maths puzzles with answers?

a) Doing tricky maths puzzles with answers helps a lot in boosting your mathematical calculations.

b) There are several mathematical theories. Since they are quite simple, you can easily understand the concept. One of the greatest important factors that must be explored is instead of mugging many formulas and theorems, it's better to do only a few maths crosswords puzzles with answers.

c) This subject is very useful when you play poker and don’t want to lose any bet.

d) Maths acts as the most powerful tool as one can get amazing scores and applications that are beyond your grasp.

e) With the assistance of maths, you can get a detailed reflection of the world around you. Also, no matter which ever profession you choose, like physics, chemistry, or something else, maths skills will always be applied.

f) Doing tricky maths puzzles with answers motivates others to do more questions. In case you play games including chess, Sudoku, etc. that develops your brain will be equal to solving hard maths puzzles with answers.

In case you know the basic principles of this subject, maths will look more interesting and will help you to recognize the problems near you in a better way.

Besides these, here are unlimited maths crossword puzzles with answers that can help adults & kids in boosting their intelligence skills. Solving these tricky problems is an easiest way to upsurge your aptitude. In case you also aim to resolve more riddles related to the same subject and brain puzzles like these aiming to enhance logical thinking abilities, you must get enrolled at Ziyyara that offers one to one online maths lessons that will help you sharpen your maths skills.

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