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Preparing for the exams can be a stressful task, especially when we are doing the preparations in the right way. Preparing for the exams, essays, and projects can prove to be a stressful task in case our preparations are going on the wrong track. The first thing that students need to understand while preparing for any academic subject is that they must stop treating any subject or chapter as daunting, otherwise it will demotivate them. Understanding essays, projects, case studies, takes time, and thus you need to follow a strategy while preparing for any of the academic subjects.

You must develop an ability to recall and communicate all the relevant information that you have to pen down in the paper. You need to do so in a pressure-free way. We are discussing some of the tips and easiest methods that can help you to ace your preparations, by no means these tips allow you to substitute one topic for another as all are important and hold equal importance in your exams.

The below-mentioned tips and methods are no substitute for hard work, rather they can help in making a great difference between a good result, and an extraordinary result.

1. Patience:

Patience is the first and foremost important thing that needs to be considered while preparing for any subject. If you are not able to understand any particular subject at first, rather than losing your motivation level, start studying the same topic again from scratch. Studying the subject again will help you to understand the topic this time. You need to be patient while reading the book for the first time as there are higher chances that you might face difficulty while understanding the concepts for the first time.

You can search online about the topic, take online lectures available on YouTube to develop a better understanding. The students must study the concepts from starting first, rather than jumping to the next topics. You can also refer to the fundamental books to clear your concepts; which can be your school level books of that subject or books referred by your teachers as well. Reading basic books at first is always a good option as it helps students in learning different topics quickly and can understand every concept or fact easily. In case your basics are not clear then there is no point wasting time in referring to the high-level books.

2. Determination

While starting with your academic preparations, remember that there is no magic formula to ace the art of studying, you need to follow a determined approach and a dedicated mind that can help you to top in the exam. There are certain types of study techniques that help prepare for some topics while they might not work well for other topics. No matter which way you are adopting, make sure that you are determined in your studies and stay motivated to understand different topics and subjects.

You might find this method time consuming, but only in case you are determined and have the willpower of “you can do it”’ then it will take lesser effort to deal with difficult subjects. You need to adhere to this step in case you want a good score in your exams. You can read aloud by sitting at a peaceful place so that the ability to remember things can increase. Many studies prove that students who revise the concepts by speaking aloud have higher chances of understanding the concepts as compared to the ones who lack in it.

You need to read the topic/ subject again before starting to understand it. Give the topic a second reading just after you are done with practicing questions.

When you read the topic/subject for the second time, you will be more interested in reading, and this time your understanding will be more because you have read those questions and explanations.

Get Online 1-on-1 LIVE Tuition

3. Continuity

Continuity is extremely important, you need to stay focused throughout the semester rather than studying in the last few days before the exam only. Don't leave anything at the last minute, as some students prefer last-minute studying but this is not the right way to study. You need to manage the available time and follow a proper time management routine, set up a timetable for your preparations. Pen down how many exams you have to give and how many days you have to prepare for the exam. And after that only, prepare your plan to study. You might need to spend some extra time preparing for some subjects, while it might take less time preparing for other subjects, so find a balance that you feel comfortable with.

Keep on encouraging yourself to study hard, create your plan to study, and keep on appreciating yourself in case you achieve the target. Allow yourself an episode of your favorite show after two hours of study, for example. Give yourself a few jelly beans when you finish a page of text. Do whatever will personally motivate you to keep studying. This work-and-reward cycle, if done right, could lead to stronger retention of the information you study.

4. Discussion with students

Sharing your thoughts and ideas with others can help a lot in getting a better understanding of the subject. You can talk to your friends, and discuss different concepts and topics that are difficult to understand. Discovering the art of sharing your thoughts or ideas related to a particular note can help you to ace the exams.

Many times we miss the beauty of a subject because we started studying it in the wrong way. You need to change your perspective and focus more on every subject. Keep on experimenting with different learning strategies and look for the best that suits you. In addition to sharing your opinion with others, you can also take the help of online resources, such as YouTube videos, infographics, etc. Today infographics have become the most popular way of delivering information, you can refer to them while preparing for the subjects. With the help of infographics, even the most complicated subjects become easy to understand, you can take short notes in the form of graphic illustrations that can help you to remember the concepts.

5. Revision

Revision is the key to get a good score in any exam, you can refer to last year sample papers to understand the style and pattern of the exam. Also prepare a questionnaire about the important topics in your subject and try to get their solutions. Start asking relevant questions to yourself and soon you will love finding solutions to the problems, it will help you with your future references and will make you understand the concepts quickly. You can revise your academic subjects referring to the notes you prepared earlier, recall all the questions that you have solved previously to boost your chances to score good marks in the exam. Referring to the short notes that you prepared earlier will offer lots of benefits to the students and with proper and timely revisions, even the boring or tedious subjects can become easy to understand.

Things to remember while preparing for difficult subjects:

1) Don’t start preparing for the tough subject just before the exam. Rather, you need to start preparing these subjects early. Once all the difficult subjects are covered, you can quickly shift your focus on the easiest subjects

2) Ensure that you have maximum time for revising all the subjects.

3) Completing the entire syllabus within the allocated time.

4) Don’t cram the subjects, you need to understand all the subjects in detail. If you do not focus on understanding, you will lose your interest. You can refer to different memorizing techniques so that you can remember even the most difficult concepts as well.

5) Use a highlighter or different colour pen while going through the books for the second time.

6) Refer to some other books as well, so that it can broaden your understanding. But don’t refer to many books as it will complicate things.

You need to understand that no subject is boring, it’s just the way we see to it. The kind of opinion we make related to any subject makes it boring or interesting, so we need to stay optimistic about all the subjects and prepare a strong strategy to revise the academic subjects. How hard you are trying to grasp things makes a lot of difference, so study smartly and more effectively, so that you can remember things for a longer period.

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