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Hello folks, gone are the days when you learned Sanskrit just to pass your exams. Now, learning Sanskrit is the new cool and finding the best sanskrit language classes near me is also easy because of the rise in demand. When looking for online tuitions to help you with your difficult subjects, you would easily find tutors for Maths, Science and English. But a lot of us struggle with peculiar subjects like Sanskrit and it is very difficult to find Sanskrit language course tutors as well. In addition to this, T there are bare minimum online platforms that teach Sanskrit. And those who do begin from scratch with their own sets and modules.

Welcome to Online Sanskrit classes at Ziyyara

Ziyyara’s Sanskrit online tuition classes plans to ease your struggles by introducing Sanskrit as a subject along with your other subjects. It means you can take up online tuitions for your Sanskrit lessons. This news may not excite every student as Sanskrit is usually an optional language in most of our schools. Well, here’s the next deal. Sanskrit will also be included as a language course for the students who wish to learn the beautiful language just purely out of admiration. And rest assured, it is not difficult at all because now it is easy to find the best online tuition for sanskrit just by sitting at home. Since online tuition is gaining popularity, finding a sanskrit language course online is just a click away.

Why should you learn Sanskrit online?

Why Sanskrit tuition classes and not any other language? To begin with the beginning. Sanskrit is the oldest of the languages and also known as the mother of all languages. Most of the languages of the world are influenced by Sanskrit and you will find striking similarities between nouns and verbs of different languages. So, by learning Sanskrit via the best online sanskrit course you will automatically be able to learn every other language on the planet and will be able to pick up the language comparatively sooner.

Spoken sanskrit uses 49 syllables and engages all parts of the mouth. So if a child starts learning Sanskrit early, they are able to develop clear speech. This not only helps in speech therapy but also trains the brain to develop understanding skills. Children who learn Sanskrit are believed to excel in subjects like maths, science, astronomy and physics. It’s because of the vibrations that are generated by the pronunciation of sanskrit words this language has also been proven to improve brain functionality and cognitive skills of an individual. Research has shown that the students who learn sanskrit from a very young age have performed better in mathematics than the ones who didn’t.

Another amazing characteristic of the language is that it has a word structure called ‘vibhakti-roop’ which means the adpositions (prepositions and postpositions) are already defined with the noun. How does it help? Well, this ‘vibhaktification’ of any word gives you a liberty of forming a sentence in any order without worrying about the distortion in the meaning of the sentence. So, रामः गृहे गच्छति or रामः गच्छति गृहे or गृहे गच्छति रामः or गच्छति गृहे रामः, all of these means the same, i.e. Ram goes home. Isn’t that cool!

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Sanskrit is more than just a language

Sanskrit is majorly defined by the sounds and pronunciations. It is a phonetic assertive language. Words are nothing but vibration of sounds, these certain sounds have a capacity to change things on atomic level. This system of words when enunciated has the ability to change things for you on an emotional and psychological level, there is a reason it is called the language of gods in Indian subcontinent. It is sometimes called Apaurusheya meaning something that is not created by men, unlike other languages that are created by human culture. Holy hindu scriptures and vedas are all written in sanskrit which further solidifies its title.

Sanskrit is the systematic and technical form of language, it is for this reason UNO confirmed that sanskrit has influenced more than 97% of the world’s languages. A highly versatile language that has 102 arab and 50 lakhs words in its vocabulary has the power to say something in a minimum number of words and it is the only language that makes you utilise all the muscles of your mouth and throat (as I already mentioned about the 49 syllables).

How can Sanskrit learning online be helpful?

Finding tutors and best sanskrit learning websites are rare for subjects like Sanskrit, Vedic Studies, Arabic and Islamic Studies. Even if students wish to learn them, they struggle a lot to find a good tutor. Platforms like Ziyyara come into picture which offer online sanskrit speaking course that can be taken from anywhere at any time . Ziyyara offers to bring tutors and students on a single platform to share and spread the beauty of Sanskrit and Vedic Studies through its Sanskrit language classes. Learning sanskrit online can prove beneficial for the students as they will get to learn at their pace with the help of a dedicated tutor. Students get access to the recordings and they can revise their lessons till they don’t get the perfect grasp. Sanskrit is a language of phonetics and pronunciation holds a lot of importance while learning Sanskrit. Taking online courses of Sanskrit will give the students step-by-step clarifications of sounds and pronunciation. This will help them in gaining confidence about learning Sanskrit faster.

The flow of Sanskrit language is organised and it is the most well-structured language. This ensures that there is no rigid or concrete methodology to follow while learning Sanskrit. As Ziyyara aims to make learning a fun activity rather than a task, modules are designed in a way that a student will be able to form sentences, do basic translations and learn the basic grammar of Sanskrit simultaneously. In this manner, no student will have to go through the traditional way of learning, therefore the learners just have to search for sanskrit tuition near me and the easy process of availing a free online demo can assure the rest.

Sanskrit is a soulful language and it is quite resourceful as well. Modern scientists have accepted that ancient sages in the Indian subcontinent had immense knowledge about science and astronomy, mathematics and medicine. They have reserved these in the form of scriptures in Sanskrit. If one learns Sanskrit, they can get an opportunity to verify those scriptures to prove the authenticity of such claims. And carrying an enriched legacy forward is always a matter of pride for anyone. So, don’t wait and join the online Sanskrit classes at Ziyyara right away.

Ziyyara’s online tuition classes near me are a wonderful way for learning Sanskrit through one-to-one learning. The online classes are provided innovatively to make learning much easier for all the students. Also, the classes are provided by the teachers who are highly experienced in their niche.

learn sanskrit online with Ziyyara , Ziyyara has a defined strategy to learn Sanskrit with the simple steps with Experienced tutors who makes learning sanskrit online easy

FAQ’s Related to Online Tuition

Q.1 How to learn Sanskrit easily?

You can join online Sanskrit classes to learn Sanskrit. However, if you are willing to learn the best Sanskrit from a reputable website, then Ziyyara is the best platform.We offer interactive learning classes and allow you to learn from your comfort zones.

Q.2 Is the Sanskrit language still in demand?

Yes, the Sanskrit language is still in demand and acceptable on many platforms. That's why people choose online Sanskrit course to learn this language from Ziyyara.

Q.3 Can I speak fluently in Sanskrit after I study this?

Yes, we have the most experienced staff at Ziyyara who not only helps in learning Sanskrit but also speaks fluently in Sanskrit. After studying Sanskrit, you can speak and write this language.

Q.4 How to write Namaste in Sanskrit?

Namaste can be written as ‘namaskar’ or ‘namaskaram’ in Sanskrit. It is respectfully honoring and greeting a person with honor.

Q.5 How can Ziyyara help me to learn Online Sanskrit?

Ziyyara offers online Sanskrit classes to those willing to learn this language. Our flexible learning Sanskrit online program and experienced staff initiate hand-on-hand lessons for the students so that they can learn this language skillfully.

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