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Over the years, Indian society has witnessed an extreme change in the way education is delivered to school-going children. There has been an increase in online tuition classes in Kerala due to the availability of subject-wise tutors who can deliver online classes from anywhere. The students living in Kerala are also well aware of this sudden change in technology and look for CBSE board tuition Kerala to improve their scores.

With CBSE boards bringing dynamic changes to the course curriculum, online tuitions have also gained wider popularity. Teaching a class of 40 -50 students does not assist students in improving their scores as compared to the personal assistance they get via online classes. The desire to get good scores in exams is something possible with online classes.

Since the marks obtained by students play an essential role in their life, so the better they will practice, the better their scores will be. Since practice is crucial in getting good scores, so online classes give them a chance to practice more under the supervision of the experts. Before talking about the reasons why there has been a rapid increase in demand of online tuition for CBSE Board, let’s get some key highlights about the education system within the state and the CBSE board:

Education System in Kerala

With a higher literacy rate of 93.91%, the state of Kerala is one of the most literate states in the country. The government of the state allocates a high percentage of the budget towards the overall development of the education sector.

The schools located in Kerala are managed by various government/ private bodies and individuals. If we go by the statistics, at present there are more than 1400 schools in Kerala offering education to school-going children. The schools located in the state have received affiliation to:

● Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

● Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE)

● Kerala State Education Board

● National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)

School Education

In the state, School education is segmented into 3 different stages including:


● Lower Primary ( Classes I - IV )

● Upper Primary (Classes V - VII )


● Secondary ( Classes VIII - X )

Higher secondary

● Higher Secondary ( Classes XI-XII )

CBSE Board

CBSE is a national level board of education in the country. The Indian government manages and controls the CBSE board. Every year, the CBSE conducts board examinations for students of classes 10th/ 12th on a national scale.

Benefits of CBSE Board:

● CBSE board includes a lighter syllabus as compared to other Indian boards.

● The number of CBSE schools is much higher than different kinds of boards.

● The students shifting to different states don’t face any difficulty while studying CBSE board.

● CBSE students get higher marks in their exams.

● The syllabus of the majority of the competitive entrance tests is related to the concepts studied in CBSE classes.

Some other reasons why there has been a sudden increase in online tuition for CBSE board

Personalized Learning: Taking the support of a teacher other than a school teacher offers enriched flexibility and improves learning. Since every student has unique needs, so the teaching style must be as per his/her needs. A good teacher offering online tuition for the CBSE board easily understands the significance of tailored classes and how they can assist students in improving their overall scores and performance

Option to decide on the teacher: In offline classes, students don’t have any option regarding choosing the teachers from Cbse board Kerala. But this is not the case with online mentors, especially while taking classes at Ziyyara. The students taking online classes of Cbse board in Kerala at Ziyyara understand the students well and offer classes matching their needs and learning style. The option to choose the kind of teacher is something possible in online classes only.

Better exam preparation: For students getting a good score in the exam is important as it helps them improve their overall scores. Since the online classes can be customized as per the needs of the students, so it helps them better prepare for the exam. Since the exams are not only based on course notes, they test students’ abilities on various other levels as well. So the mentors assist students in getting a good score on the exam.

Better Learning: Studying in a group limits the students’ learning as they don’t get enough opportunity to show their talent. They have to learn at other’ pace making it difficult for them to understand the difficult chapters. However, online tuition classes in Kerala are completely different from it. The style of teaching in online classes is not fixed, rather the learning pattern is designed as per the needs of the students. If you appoint qualified tuition and mentors, the overall learning process can become much more fun-filled.

Students’ dedication: In many cases, the students lose their commitment and seriousness during the classes, making it difficult for them to understand the concepts later. They feel bored during the class, and hence gradually start losing interest in the learning. But in case you take CBSE board online tuition at Ziyyara, you will be able to learn new concepts in a more interesting way. All this improves the students’ dedication and they don’t suffer a few days before the exams.

Get the best CBSE Tuition at Ziyyara

Considering the present condition, where schoolchildren require personalized attention, tuition in Kerala for CBSE classes is the best form of classes. Though it’s good that some tuition centers have limited batch sizes, still many students look for undivided attention. Thankfully platforms like Ziyyara provide one-to-one online classes encouraging students to understand the concepts easily. Even the option to know the teaching style before actually enrolling in these sessions is something possible at Ziyyara.

Ziyyara provides online sessions by the best and most highly qualified tutors at the most affordable rates. The perks of the best online tuition for CBSE board include:

● Cost-effective

● Classes from highly experienced tutors

● Flexibility

● Live Interaction is possible

● One free class CBSE board tuition in Kerala for other subjects also

● Complete access to resources, and online study material

● Increased Interaction

● Positive and Encouraging Learning Environment

● Better Test Performance & Exam Scores

● Satisfaction For Parents

● Flexibility To Ask Questions

● Access to Complete Course

● Opportunity to study from the comfort of your zone.

● Get Regular doubt classes

Get enrolled today at Ziyyara, as it provides Cbse board tuition in Kerala offering personalized education accessible to all the students.

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