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Physical inactivity is not considered to be good for children of any age group. It is essential for children to indulge in some form of physical activity so that they can develop as healthy individuals. Physical activity not only helps to make the body strong physically but also helps to stimulate the brain and other abilities and skills thereby enabling the overall development of children. Children who indulge in physical activity are also observed to be better at a wide array of activities as compared to those who stay away from any type of physical exercise or abilities.

Taking this into consideration, schools also place special emphasis on teaching physical education. Physical education is the education imparted through physical activities. In schools, physical education as a course is taught to help students develop their physical fitness levels and also enjoy doing all their work. Physical education classes prepare the students to be active both physically and mentally and also contribute to the total growth and development of the students.

In fact, physical education in class 12 is also offered in CBSE schools as an optional subject. Students who opt for physical education in class 12 are required to appear for a practical as well as a written examination and are able to score very well in their board exams. This is mainly because of the fact that physical education is a scoring subject where the students are exposed to various aspects of sports and physical activities thereby enabling students to learn better and score better.

In addition, the syllabus for physical education is such that students can learn about it from their environment and surroundings making it an interesting subject for them and enabling them to learn it effectively. The syllabus for physical education in class 12 includes topics like:

• Planning in sports

• Adventure sports

• Different types of activities like trekking and rafting

• Sports nutrition

• Common postural problems

• Effect of sports on motor development of children

• Sports medicine

• Strength and endurance

The long term impact of physical education is well understood by teachers as well as students and therefore parents as well as healthcare professionals support quality physical education. Today, schools adopt several methods and models to impart physical education to students from a very young age. In addition, schools also hire specialized and certified physical education trainers and teachers so that they can impart the right knowledge and education.

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At Ziyyara Edutech, we feel that it is very important for students to be physically fit so that their overall mental and social health also gets enhanced. The following are the benefits of imparting physical education to students in schools:

1. Reduced risk of heart diseases- Physical education helps students to stay physically fit and active which also means that their bodies are strong enough to ward off different types of diseases. This further enhances the health of the heart and reduces the risk of heart diseases. In addition, the students also are taught about different symptoms and immediate medical care that can be given to those who suffer from a heart disease and therefore they can also help others.

2. Better physical fitness: Physical education improves the overall physical fitness levels of the students. A good physical education program in schools helps to build flexibility, endurance, strength and improves body composition of the students making the students fitter to function in any type of environment.

3. Makes students self-disciplined- Physical education is helpful in teaching students how to maintain self-discipline. Playing sports and indulging in physical activities helps students to understand the value of time and follow rules and protocols. This in turn helps students to inculcate a disciplined lifestyle that goes a long way in helping them in their careers and later life.

4. Helps in skill development- Physical education also helps students to develop a wide variety of skills. Interpersonal skills, team spirit skills and several other skills students learn from indulging in physical activities and being appreciated or awarded for them. With physical education, it becomes easy for students to learn new skills.

5. Help to improve leadership and judgment- Physical education helps students to develop leadership qualities and also develop decision making abilities. Physical education enhances moral development and students can learn to differentiate between right and wrong. In addition, students get an opportunity to assume leadership role, cooperate with others and also accept responsibility for their behavior and decisions taken. This makes the students self-reliant and self-dependent as well.

6. Improves self-confidence and self-esteem- Physical education in many ways is responsible for enabling students to develop self-worth. Students become more confident, assertive and emotionally stable when they indulge in physical activities. Further, physical education helps students to become independent and develop self-control. Imparting physical education prepares the students for the life ahead.

7. Strengthen relationships- A major benefit for students especially in high school is that it helps them to build strong peer relationships. This is because physical education enables students to socialize more and indulge in team sports and games. This helps students to learn to trust others and build a strong peer group.

8. Reduced stress and risk of depression: A lot of students these days are victims of stress and depression because of several reasons. Physical education however enables students to overcome their stress and reduces the chances of them getting depressed. Physical education plays a vital role in helping students improve and enhance their mental health. This is because when students indulge in physical activities, they are able to release tension and anxiety which further helps to develop as mentally healthy individuals.

Physical education therefore goes a long way in helping students maintain active and healthy lifestyles. For high school students like those in class 12, physical education is not only an academic subject that helps them score well in their board exams but is also a means using which they can develop as physically, mentally and socially strong individuals. This is important for students in their college life or when they choose specific career paths as physical education teaches students to stay focused and confident.

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