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Technology is upgrading day by day in all the sectors, whether it’s medical, automobile, electronics, so why not education sector.

One of the biggest evolutions of the education sector was the introduction to smart classes in Schools which appeared to be a good solution which made learning more fun, therefore this transformation gave birth to a virtual whiteboard or an online whiteboard.

What is an online whiteboard?

Online Whiteboard is an interactive display board operated by a digital writing touchpad on tablets, iPad and laptops. This online learning software involves real-time communication between both the teachers and students to go through the whole topic/lesson online.

The first interactive whiteboards were designed & developed in the year of 1990 by PARC, but it was manufactured for an office only. Initially, it was used in small group meetings and roundtables, but with time it has been enhanced with end number of features.

It’s been more than27 years since the first digital whiteboards were introduced and from then it’s been in practice and adapted by several sectors now especially the educational sector.

What are the tools or features of a whiteboard?

The first and the foremost feature of an interactive whiteboard is that it gives a freedom to interact in an online session, but it’s not limited to only one feature, therefore any virtual classroom which is enabled with whiteboard must have the following features:

  1. Audio & Video calls

  2. Live Chatting

  3. Document & Screenshot sharing

  4. Interactive Virtual Whiteboard

  5. Screen sharing

  6. File transfer

  7. Lesson Recording, notes and discussions

The interactive virtual whiteboard and its advanced tools allow sharing handwritten notes which give in-person touch. In this advanced era, virtual whiteboard proved to be an effective tutorial tool, which enhances the environment of the virtual classroom.

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How one can learn on an online whiteboard?

Every student wants simplified learning from expert tutors , but their learning gets limited to their home tuition center’s. So, a revolutionized solution took place, i.e. Online learning with an interactive tool like Online Whiteboard- one of the best technological evolutions of the 21st century which doesn’t require blackboard or a projector.

An online whiteboard enables both the teacher and student to interact on the same online whiteboard, web page at the same time from anywhere with good internet connectivity.

Ziyyara is one of the platforms, which is fully equipped with online whiteboard tools, Audio & Video enabled calls, Live Text Messaging, File sharing, and many more features.

What are the steps needs to be followed to learn via Online/Virtual Whiteboard?

  1. Laptop, Tablet, iPad and Digital Writing Pad

    Virtual whiteboard can be accessed on any device, whether it’s a tablet or iPad, but when it comes to a laptop, then it’s should have a touch screen and if not then any configurable digital writing pad can come handy, for e.g. Wacom Digital Pad and Stylus.

  2. Internet Connectivity

    Using interactive whiteboards in a session/class requires high-quality internet connectivity which allows an uninterrupted communication between both the tutor and student.

  3. Webcam & Headphones

    Most laptops come with built-in webcams and speakers, so one can avoid using any 3rd party devices, but if a student wants to take his/her lesson without any disturbance, then they can use either earphones or headphones.

  4. Screen Sharing

    Online whiteboard offers a screen sharing feature which enables the tutor and the student to write& view an idea on the shared board in real-time.

  5. Annotation Tools

    Annotation is one of the sub tools of screen sharing, which allow both the parties (tutor and student) to read, write, edit and erase.

Whiteboard Annotation Tools

    The most prominent use of annotation tools is as follows:

  1. Mouse:

    A curser turns to a regular mouse and doesn’t reflect on other’s screen.
  2. Text Messaging:

    Chat in real-time by typing text on the shared screen.
  3. Draw:

    Draw any lines or shapes with the help of a stylus.
  4. Arrow:

    On a shared screen, it allows to add an arrow with your name
  5. Swipe Eraser:

    Expunge any specific area or an annotation.
  6. Format:

    Formatting option helps in arranging everything for the screen share.
  7. Undo:

    Removes your mistakes or last changes easily.
  8. Redo:

    Add the annotations removed by clicking Undo.>
  9. Delete:

    Delete all your own annotations.
  10. Grids:

    Draw an even and level grid.

So, when a tutor wants to explain a notion related to any subject to a student, then instead of typing in a text box, a tutor can write, edit and erase on a virtual whiteboard from their laptop and desktop just by using any configurable digital writing pad and stylus.

All the aforementioned points share insight into how to use an online or virtual whiteboard to make online learning more fun and effective.

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