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Did you know that online tuition classes can make your summer vacations productive? Summer vacations mark the beginning of traveling and reaching new destinations. You can utilize this break with your family and friends to strengthen your bond with them.

However, you don't have to get worked up about missing out on many productive things. As a matter of fact, you can utilize summer vacation productively while on the move.

The internet and the emergence of online education platforms like Ziyyara have paved the way for revolution. Becoming better at something and enjoying your summer vacations can go hand in hand.

Let us tell you how to make your summer break productive with our online education platform.

1. Take Up a New Language

Many students enjoy their summers in other places, cities, and countries. If you were learning from the traditional classes, you would have to take a break from learning.

However, online home tuition is something that makes your time productive. We have plenty of language courses for students who love to know the culture and languages of other places. You can take up these language courses to turn yourself into a linguist.

So instead, let’s talk about the academic advantage of the previous year question papers:

We offer several courses which include:

● French

● German

● English

● Hindi

● Spanish

● Arabic and Quran tajweed classes

● Vedic maths

Using your summer vacation to learn new languages is fun because:

● You can dig deeper into the culture of the place whose language you are learning.

● Traveling gets a lot more fun when you know the language and culture of the place.

● Communicating with the locals becomes unrestrictive and stress-free.

Our professional tutors endeavour to make you skillful in their online tuition classes. You only need to enroll yourselves with Ziyyara to enjoy your summer vacation with learning.

2. Strengthen Your Weak Subjects From Anywhere

The times when you had to skip your summer break to join coaching classes are long gone. Our education platform offers you services in most countries and places.

Many students worry about their weak areas. They want to brush themselves up for the subject in which they lag. For this, many students skip the summer interval and stay back to join a traditional classroom.

What if we tell you that you can enjoy summer vacation while also getting better at anything? It is not a far-sighted dream because our tutors can actually make that happen for you

● We have a team of tutors for almost all the subjects. They are not just any other tutors you find at random coaching classes. They are skilled and experienced and perform their tasks with utmost dedication.

● Our online tuition classes offer one of a kind learning experience to the students through live interaction. Our tutors endeavor to create a utility of time and place for the students.

● You don't have to spend a hefty amount on coaching institutions. We offer you learning at a very affordable price.

● Most of all, you will have the flexibility to choose the time to study the subject. This flexibility will let you learn new things at your own pace while on a break.

3. Register for a New Course

Learning new languages and strengthening your weak subjects are good ways of spending summertime. However, there is an even better thing that the students can take up.

They can register for skillful courses such as:

● Middle Years Programme

● Cambridge AS-Level Courses

● Cambridge O-Level Courses

● Cambridge A-Level Courses

Our online tuition teachers are experts in various courses and are always ready to impart their knowledge. These courses will prepare you for the upcoming difficulties in your career. They will imbibe the much-needed confidence to deal with struggles because of the honed skills.

The positive learning environment that our tutors create helps you learn quickly and effectively. If you find yourself stuck, you can always ask them to lend you a helping hand. Our online home tuition tutors are always willing to resolve all the queries that might arise in your mind.

4. Get Better at Maths

Talking about maths gives a dreadful feeling to many students. Your summer vacation can be the best time to get past this fear.

You can enroll in our Vedic maths classes to get better and faster at calculations. Our tutors help you build the confidence for mental calculations so that you don’t dread big numbers anymore.

Vedic maths can help you attain improved focus, speed, and accuracy. It promotes quick learning, which is essential for competitive exams. If you are preparing for high-level competitive exams in your summer break, you can join these classes. Our tutors can teach you various tips and tricks for fast calculations to help you finish all questions in time.

Mathematics tutors can make all these feelings subside in our online tuition classes. Contrary to what you believe, they can make you fall in love with maths. Our tutors are great explorers of your potential, and they try to bring out your best.

A good tutor can make you a good student even on your summer vacation. The best part about enrolling with us is that you only need an internet connection and a device to join the class.


Every day can be a productive day, even the days when you are on your summer break. However, productivity will manifest itself only when you choose wisely. It implies both the task you are taking up and the online tuition platform you choose.

Ziyyara offers you numerous possibilities to let you add to your summer vacation benefits. Our skilled tutors can make you proficient in a new language or a subject in which you lag.

You could also spend your summer enrolling in a new and challenging course to test your limits. Whatever you choose, our tutors will always be by your side to assist and guide you.

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