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Every parent care for his/her child security, so in this blog we will see how one-on-one live tuition is effective to ascertain the child’s security from day to day hurdles that every child face.

So, let’s gather some basic knowledge to avoid such hurdles.


The world along with its flora and fauna has greatly evolved over millions of years. Survival being the ultimate goal, every living being on the planet, adapted to the changes in the environment and managed to survive.

All those species, which could not evolve or adapt for any reason, could not see the light of the day and got extinct.

The evolution process is ubiquitous. It is there in every sphere of life. Drastic changes happened in the socio-economic fabric of society and this has resulted in a changed lifestyle.

As the family revenue grew, every parent wanted their child to have the best of education. As the evolutionary process progressed, the mental prowess gained priority over the physical prowess.

Today it is imperative for every child to have access to the best educational facilities in order to be able to compete in the world and find a place for himself.


Though no guarantee on that, but generally good education leads to a better career and eventually a better life.

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As parents when we look back, the education system has undergone huge changes. Lots of new subjects and domains got included, of which we never heard of in our childhood. The horizons of the syllabus have greatly widened to include recent developments, particularly in subjects like science, mathematics, environmental studies and the like.

Just imagine as a kid, we never knew what pollution meant and today school kids write essays on pollution and how to control it.

The examination and evaluation pattern too has changed drastically. And all this has happened because of the immensely competitive environment.


Though not impossible, the present academic content is a real challenge for most of the students. The challenge increases many times over when the objective is to excel in academics and not just get through.

It is a fact that if the child just gets through the exams, then he won't get anywhere. The child has to have good and decent grades to stand out and be noticed.

This is when the parents start thinking about teaching on their own, or enroll their kids in some coaching institutes or go for one-on-one home tutors


Though every parent would want to help their child get through this academic maze, the fact of life is that it is really not viable for a number of reasons:

  1. In most cases, both parents have a full-time career to manage, so finding time to teach the child is really impossible.
  2. The syllabus, content and teaching pedagogy are so new and different, that a large number of parents cannot teach beyond class 3.
  3. The parents are unable to bring the professional touch demanded by modern academics.
  4. In many instances, the child is not able to accept the parent as a tutor or teacher and the seriousness goes for a toss.
  5. The seriousness and regularity cannot be maintained.
  6. Leniency on the part of parent creeps in and the child may take undue advantage of that.

Add to these a couple of more, parent/child specific reasons and the end result is that the parent cannot teach the child.


Most of the parents feel the only way out of this sticky situation is to send the child to a coaching institute. Prima facie it may look like a great solution, but actually, it is not. To be truthful, it is not a solution at all.

The coaching class may have something like 40-60 students in one batch, which would be taught by one teacher. This as good or as bad, as what happens in the child's school.

What the child needs is not one more school. It needs a one-on-one tutor. One student and one teacher. Every child is different and their academic learning pace and style are different.

The individual needs of the child cannot be handled by a coaching class. The only way the child can get the right kind of academic support and guidance is by one-on-one teaching.

There are other serious issues in sending the child to the coaching institute:

  1. The child will have to travel some distance in the overcrowded bus/metro/locals. Or still worse, being an underage he may ride bike/scooter to class. This is not only a waste of time but dangerous too.
  2. The adolescent age child can easily get distracted and get into some bad company, once out of the house.
  3. The child may develop a complex if he is not able to perform in the class and this could lead to huge stress and trauma.
  4. It could be very expensive.

By Rajesh Asnani

Express News Service

JAIPUR: As many as 19 students have committed suicide in India’s coaching capital, Kota, this year. The count is up significantly from 7 in 2017 and 17 in 2016. The rising toll has raised question marks on the entire process of coaching, admission and preparation for competitive exams at these coaching-centres.

Such sad happenings can be avoided, by being a little more thoughtful and careful.

It is really not a safe solution. How can you send a class3 or class 6 student alone to the coaching class? Someone has to accompany them.

With the present satellite family concept, this is really not workable.


One may feel that engaging a home tutor could solve the problem. Though this is a form of one-on-one tutoring, safety is really at stake. With all kinds of crimes happening with children, how can we ensure that our child is safe with the tutor?

No amount of background checks can guarantee that the tutor is good and safe. Once inside your house, he/she can initiate any criminal activity.

“Gadwal: A Tuition teacher in Shairelli colony of Gadwal district was thrashed and later handed over to police for misbehaving with a SSC student. The incident which happened on Sunday came to light very late on Tuesday. According to the residents of Shairelli colony, Surender is a tutor who used to teach Kavya, a SSC student, of the same colony.

Personal tutors, do offer one-on-one teaching, but they are very expensive too.


The only way, wherein good and viable one-on-one teaching is possible, is through online tuitions.

The internet technology can be leveraged to solve this problem very effectively.

Good and stable internet connections have permeated almost all the houses today and that can be used to avail online-tuitions.

Just as in home tutoring, one-on-one, individual attention, is possible in live online-tuitions. The only difference is the child can be safely sitting in his home and through the internet, the tutor (sitting at his home/0ffice) can get connected to the child and personalized one-on-one teaching can happen.

This is a real-time session and not pre-recorded audio/video lessons. These live online-tuitions ensure the complete safety of your child.

  1. He is at his home.
  2. No traveling.
  3. No distractions.
  4. No stress for the child.
  5. He can learn at his own pace and get his individual doubts cleared.

Live online-tuitions get the best of the two worlds for you. These live online-tuitions are managed and provided by professional organizations, who very well understand the concerns of the parents and the needs of the child. They oversee and monitor the online- tuitions to ensure quality deliverance with utmost safety.

These organizations are dependable and very responsive to the parent’s and child’s concerns

Every parent wants his child to have the best educational services but with the utmost safety. These days the safety of children is of prime concern.

We want our school buses to be fitted with cameras and GPS enabled. We want the classroom and grounds to be covered by the camera. And all this is expected, with the sole intention of the safety of the child.

That being the case, live online tuitions handles the safety concern of your child in the best possible way.

A very objective and close scrutiny will highlight the fact that live online tuitions are actually the most effective, sensible, affordable and safest option to prepare your child for the academic challenge.

World over, it has been accepted that live online tuitions are the only viable one-on-one teaching method.

This has taken roots in India too and is flourishing very well. The live online tuitions can be arranged as per your time and days. It is very flexible and can be customized to suit the needs of the child and parent.

“Every evening after school when his classmates head towards private tuition centres, G. Aahir gets back home to read his lessons. While others brush up their subjects at the private coaching classes, Aahir learns those concepts, reclining on his favourite couch.

The online classes for which he recently enrolled give him all that a tuition centre offers, in the comforts of his house. For someone who could not find a Physics tutor in his area, the online course came in handy. He is now a student of an Indian research scholar based in Germany, who has simplified some of the complex concepts in the subject.”

Students of all classes can avail of this wonderful service of home tuitions for all subjects.

Going forward, every parent, for all the teaching needs of their kids, should opt for the live online tuition options.

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