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Gone are the days when parents moved cities and changed schools to provide better education to their children. Welcome to the newage India, where young parents are more inclined towards providing home schooling to their children rather than sending them to traditional schools. And yes, the results of home schooling in India are surprisingly positive. The children tutored at home are developing more skills than the students attending regular schools.

Also, the recent pandemic has made us realise that education is not subjected to a place or building, it can be done anywhere, just like worship. Hence the popularity of home schooling in India. This trend of unschooling in India is new and refreshing for the future of education.

There are some very strong and concrete reasons why parents have started preferring home schooling in India over traditional schools. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1.Safety of the children:

Even before the pandemic hit, the alarming rate of crimes against children in schools made the parents think about alternative methods of schooling in India for their precious little ones. Thus, making unschooling in India common. The inhumane crime stories had become a part of our daily life and working parents lived under constant threat fearing their child could be the next victim. With one-on-one tutoring platforms like Ziyyara, parents are delivered from their fears of safety for their children.

The students are saved from being exposed to any suspicious people or place and even the parents have the access to interact with the tutor. The tutors at Ziyyara for homeschooling in India are hired after proper verification and counselling so there are minimal chances of improper conduct or negative influence. This assurity makes the parents confident about home schooling in India for their kids.

The year 2020 has been an educating year for all of us, especially in terms of homeschooling in India. We have learned to explore the power of technology and the internet to a greater level. Now when things are starting to get back to normal, many parents are looking forward towards home education in India and are planning to check out homeschooling India curriculum and other related stuff.

2. Personal attention to children:

Online homeschooling for children ensures that the tutor’s focus is particularly on your child and he/she will be able to access and analyze the child’s weakness and strengths.This helps in the overall development of the child and they tend to perform better in all subjects as homeschooling curriculum in India is diverse. Because unschooling in India is becoming a sought-after way of education.

Building confidence is a quintessential necessity for a growing child and especially the one who is into homeschooling in India, this is exactly what tutors at Ziyyara are trained to do. When a young child is confident about himself/herself, they don't hesitate in trying new things and they try to do better in anything they do. Ziyyara is a platform designed for home education in India, specially to provide one-on-one tuition to cater this basic need of a student.

3. Dissatisfaction towards traditional schools:

Decades ago, when India was still overcoming the jolt of centuries of slavery, uneducated parents looked up to lavish schools to ensure holistic development of their children, home education in India was a foolish idea. The dream of being successful was supposed to be fulfilled only by sending your child to the best school and parents trusted the school teachers blindly for the betterment of their children.

But fast-forward to modern developed India where most of the urban young parents are educated and smart. They are more inclined towards verifying whether the teacher is qualified and competent enough to do the job that they are assigned or not. They don’t compromise on the quality of education for their child.

Most of the parents are dissatisfied by the teachers at the school and wish to unschool their children for the holistic development of their child. Hence paving the way for home education in India. Young parents know that if their child learns how to explore his/her potential to the fullest, they won’t fail in life.

This is the reason, many young and educated parents are opting for one-on-one home tuition at Ziyyara for homeschooling in India and they are getting the best homeschooling for kids in India.

4. Saving the time taken in commutation:

In metropolitan cities, commutation takes up most of the time for all individuals. If you wish to send your child to the best school, it is not necessary that it will be near the place you live. Commutation takes up a lot of time and can also be dangerous. So, home schooling in India is the better choice for parents over schools.

Most of the educated parents now want homeschooling in India for their children so that they can save time for doing the activities that they like and learn life lessons rather than just mugging up some book. Children who go for home education in India have much time to read beyond their syllabus course books. They identify their hobbies and interests and are able to devote their time to the things that they like without feeling guilty about it.

5. Spending quality time with children:

When you start home schooling your children, even you will realise their real talents and potentials and won’t judge them just according to their teacher’s feedback on their academic performance. At Ziyyara, a student is not only assigned a teacher but also a coordinator who manages the student-tutor fulcrum. This system of homeschooling in India gives the parents the liberty to assess the tutor for their child and discuss the points of improvement with the coordinator as well. Parents who prefer home schooling love Ziyyara for this unique approach.


Evolution is the change in species characters over many generations. The modern world of today’s era in all respects is a true story of “evolution”. Due to this process, the individuals which develop are better adapted for the new developed condition of changing environment which comes under chapter 9 Heredity and Evolution of class 10th.

6. Process of homeschooling in India:

Homeschooling in India curriculum is diverse and since unschooling in India is gaining more popularity parents are looking for the curriculum offered by various boards and institutions. There are many boards that support home education in India and are providing homeschooling in India curriculum. Unschooling is gaining popularity and home schoolers are welcomed in prestigious institutions for higher studies.

7. Cons of home-schooling (if only to be considered):

Like any other thing, even home schooling in India has some disadvantages. But they are negligible when compared to the benefits of home schooling. Home schooling in India is generally disregarded because many are not aware of it being legal or acceptable in Indian Education system. However, there are syllabi and boards that are compatible with home schoolers and consider them eligible for acquiring certificates, diplomas and degrees in the subject of their choice.

Home schoolers may lack the social life and interaction of the children can be limited. This disadvantage can also be easily taken care of by the parents and this won’t be a major issue.

In all, home schooling has no significant disadvantages over traditional schooling and that’s the reason why parents are choosing home schooling in India over proper schools.

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