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The need for online tuitions has started to gain global recognition. And out of the many reasons why it has been so, is the premise of a virtual classroom that gives the students an advantage to be discovered among the lot.

In other words, during an online home tuition class, the tutor focuses on all the learners equally, so that the weaker ones also have the chance at better understanding.

What’s so traditional about traditional learning?

There are several reasons why offline learning is also termed as ‘traditional’ learning today. That said, let’s have a look at some of them, and see for ourselves if the analogy makes sense or not:

• Time is a strong determining factor, as it binds the traditional tuition class, but isn’t applicable in online classes. When a learner is not bound to a specific time period, the learning experience is phenomenally useful.

• In a virtual classroom, a learner can never get intimidated by others whom they consider genius, as they can opt for recorded sessions on online learning platforms as well, and listen to them to further improve their knowledge, grades, and learning.

• In online tuition classes provided by Ziyyara, a learner has an added advantage of choosing their tutors themselves. Whereas, changing a tutor the traditional way, is both hectic and problematic.

• In the traditional/offline tuition classes, there is a standard way of conducting a class that serves for all the learners’ needs. However, online tuition provided by our team doesn't promote this conventional way of learning. Rather, we believe in making each of our classes customized for every student.

ICSE board, and the staggering need for online tuition

Learners from around the world are divided by educational boards that have spanned all the schools in a nation, let alone in the world. One of which is ICSE.

This means, learners from different boards are increasing in number. But still, there aren’t many providers of online tuition in India that excel at offering tuition sessions to all the learners from various boards.

Among all of them, is our team that not only understands the curriculum of ICSE board, but also understands the need for online learning for it. Let’s have a look:

• The ICSE board incorporates in their learners a sound logical approach by introducing practical application of knowledge from an early stage.

• The ICSE board has a balanced approach towards Science, Mathematics, Art, and Language, so that the learners have a better choice at learning what they want.

• If we compare it to boards like CBSE, the ICSE board offers a syllabus with a wide range of subjects, that includes various languages, agriculture and even home science.

• The teaching approach in ICSE board is more about putting theoretical knowledge to practical application.

Therefore, pointers indicate that preparation for ICSE board, if done through online learning, can be of great help to the learners. Let’s have a look at some pointers that indicate the same:

• Audio/video online home classes help you understand and retain what you read for further application in any practicality.

• If you register on our platform, you’ll witness how online tuition help for ICSE board, is both interactive, and specific to the topics that you want guidance for.

• If you are a learner from ICSE board, you will find online classes preferable to your schedule, as you can have an in-depth knowledge about a single topic, or multiple according to your choice.

• At any moment, any learner on our platform can always change their tutor and find some other who fathoms the learning objectives of the learner and help them in achieving the same.

The best companion for your academic endeavors

If you want to choose the online education platform to get help for ICSE board exams, choosing Ziyyara Edutech can help you not only in clearing the exams with flying colors, but also in helping you understand each concept with utmost clarity.

The importance of 1 on 1 live classes

Below are some of the points that explain how beneficial our 1 on 1 help for ICSE board exams is:

• Through online 1 on 1 classes, learners from ICSE board can focus on the techniques that improve their practical knowledge. Fun videos with an underlying informative approach helps the students to stay focused on their sessions.

• Any learner out there, can privately schedule for a 1 on 1 live class. This way, they can also extend the classes without any hindrance.

• In 1 on 1 live classes, the ICSE board preparation can be conducted effortlessly, as they are designed in a way that increases the interaction span between the learner and the tutor.

On a concluding note, if you want to choose an online platform for gaining guidance for your school exams, or if you want to get 1 on 1 help for ICSE board papers; look up our website and register for the session that you want.

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