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Recently, the Central Board of Secondary Education has made few strategic changes in the pattern of Class 10th and Class 12th Exam. These changes are to be implemented from the year 2020 onwards.

CBSE plans to emphasize on school based internal assessment for all subjects and practical examination of majority of the subjects in classes 10th as well as 12th.The weight age assigned to internal assessment in different subjects will be 20% of the total marks of the examination paper.

Also, Science and Arts subjects will hold equal weight age in both these classes. This has been done to ease the exam pressure on students appearing for Board exams. Practical application of the topic will thwart rote learning among students and develop a deeper understanding of the subjects.

The Board finds Class 10th and 12th exam papers unnecessarily lengthy that requires cramming of the topics instead of developing understanding in the students.

Hence, it plans to reduce the overall number of questions in order to make the paper shorter, thereby, reducing the stress students have to face during their exam preparation. In a few subjects, the Board sought to reduce the number of questions to as much as 30%.

This, the board claims, will help students gain true knowledge of the subjects they study instead of getting fleeting knowledge about innumerable aspects.

Moreover, CBSE has mentioned that the pattern of examination will lay more emphasis on objective type questions rather than many descriptive questions.

Reduction of descriptive type questions will provide more time for students to think, evaluate and write their answers creatively.

Objective pattern will require more thorough study, deeper analysis and will also increase conceptual knowledge of the subjects among the students.

Children appearing for the Board exams of classes 10thand 12th need to have a good grasp over their subjects instead of cramming them by heart.

Another important change that CBSE seeks to introduce is more providing more internal choices to students within the question paper. This move will help students in doing stress free exam preparation and they will be able to gain deeper knowledge of their topic.

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Students will have the opportunity to showcase their understanding of the concepts properly instead of a superficial knowledge of too many concepts.

One major change that CBSE has planned is to introduce Mathematics for Class 10th students at two levels thereby making a crucial subject like Mathematics easy for students to comprehend.

One will be Mathematics Standard and the other will be Mathematics Basic. The syllabus already being taught to Class 10th students will be termed as the Standard Syllabus. The other will be Mathematics Basic which will be an easier syllabus.

Recently, the Central Board of Secondary Education has made few strategic changes in the pattern of Class 10th and Class 12th Exam. These changes are to be implemented from the year 2020 onwards.

Exam papers of the Basic syllabus will be easier for the students. Those who are unable to pass the Mathematics Standard exam will have the option to appear for the Compartmental exam in Mathematics Standard or in Mathematics Basic, as per their wish.

CBSE claims that the new pattern will prove to be more student-friendly. Steps like reducing the length of examination paper, more internal choice of questions and increased weight age to internal assessment will go a long way in reducing the stress related to exams.

Moreover, increase in objective type questions as well as practical application of the topics will develop analytical skills and reasoning abilities of the students. In future, these changes will yield positive results and the quality of education will improve.

The revised pattern of examination proposed by CBSE has found mixed reactions from the teaching community, students as well as experts.

CBSE has declared that post finalization of the proposed changes sample papers will be made available to schools to let the students get some practice before their exams.

However, academicians and experts differ in their opinion. According to them, the new policy changes may lead to an over simplified pattern of examination thereby hampering the seriousness of the Board exams.

Experts also feel that the efficacy of the proposed changes cannot be presently assessed as the outcome is not known. Academicians are also of the view that such strategic changes cannot be introduced all of a sudden in classes as significant as 10th and 12th.

The changes should be introduced in the lower classes thereby making students aware of the pattern so that they are not pressurized with the change in pattern in their crucial classes- 10th and 12th.

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