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Students often start practising previous year question papers while preparing for their exams. Ever wondered why? Surely, it’s not because they love studying and want to experience more of it!

The answer is simple – it helps them improve their grades. There are tons of advantages to solving last year question papers. Just as a secret between us, these papers also serve as a shortcut to ample preparation. It’s always easier to study from a question paper than from a whole textbook!

If you are reading about the benefits of solving previous years' papers, you're a smart worker. You want to ensure that your hard work pays off. So let's see if solving previous year question papers will prove to be a smart move on your part.

Does Solving Previous Years’ Papers Improve Grades?

Do you remember your teacher excessively repeating for you to solve the previous year question paper for class 12? It might get annoying, but they weren’t wrong. You should do that. The primary advantage of solving previous years’ papers is preparing and improving one’s academic performance.

Solving these papers help students improve their exam preparation and score better. There are multiple reasons why that happens, and we'll get into that later. But if your teacher is constantly reminding you to solve the previous year question paper for class 10, you should listen. To help yourself, you can get solved question papers to tally your answers with the real ones.

Benefits of Solving Previous Years’ Papers

As we mentioned, the primary benefit of solving previous years papers is improving one’s academic grades. It also helps you improve your knowledge, but that isn’t our focus, is it? There are other, more fun ways to improve our knowledge!

So instead, let’s talk about the academic advantage of the previous year question papers:

1. Constant Practice:

You must’ve heard the infamously annoying phrase – practice makes a man perfect. Unfortunately, the age-old saying makes sense. To score well in your examinations, you need to practice as much as you can.

This is especially true if you are appearing for board examinations. There, you have to practice everything – your handwriting, sums, answers, diagrams, and so on. The advantage of question papers of previous years is that they compel students to keep practicing. The more questions they solve, the better their preparation will be.

2. Time-Management Skills:

There is another important benefit of solving previous year question papers – improving your time-management skills. Often during exams, students know the answer but cannot complete their papers on time. This is because they lack the skills required to finish their examination on time.

This is another reason why previous year question papers important – they help students gauge their time skills. If they solve enough papers, their time-management capabilities will improve.

3. Improves Self-Assessment:

When you keep completing solved question papers, you can tally your answers with the real ones. It will allow you to assess your preparation and answers in a better way. This technique helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Thus, solving last year question papers will help your preparation significantly.

4. Bolsters Confidence:

Let's be honest, exams are not scary at all. But we do fear them because we're mostly afraid of the unknown. We are nervous when we don't know what to expect. And that is true in all spheres of life.

But with previous year question papers, this fear goes away. Solving them will allow you to get an idea of what type of questions will come in your exam. If you solve enough of them, you might even get a general picture of what to expect. Thus, one advantage of previous year question papers is that they make exams look less daunting.

5. Prepare Smartly:

Often, you have to work smart rather than working hard. The curriculum might be too advanced for you to prepare by yourself. This is where you can take help from the previous year question papers.

By solving them, you would know the weightage for each topic and chapter. Thus, you will get a better idea of the more important topics. You can devote more time to sections that carry more weightage. This will help students in preparing smartly and investing their time in areas that matter more.

How to Practice Previous Years’ Question Papers

To solve them, you first need to download previous year papers. Of course, you can get them from a library, but they are often inaccessible to students. But why bother when the solution is right in front of you?

We, at Ziyyara, allow students to download previous year question papers for free through their mobile phones or computers. Students can simply visit our website and download the required resources to ramp up their exam preparations. We believe that education should be accessible to everyone, irrespective of irrelevant factors.

Apart from being the first ones to offer the last year question papers, we offer a lot to ambitious students:

● We offer live, interactive, and one-on-one online classes to students.

● Our teaching methods are flexible and result-oriented to help improve students’ grades.

● We offer all kinds of learning resources including previous year question papers, sample papers, textbooks, and so on.

● Students can choose their tutors from our list of qualified experts.

● We devise personalised course plans for different students.

● We offer free demo classes to all interested students.

Final Thoughts

Practising previous years’ papers might sound like a boring job, but it’s the smart and right thing to do. You can study for hours from a textbook. But it will not yield the same results as when you prepare through previous years’ papers.

Want to work smart rather than hard? Solve all the previous years’ question papers that you can find!

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