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Mathematics Formulas is the backbone for analysis of various concepts in different subjects, like Physics, Chemistry, Computers, Psychology, Economics, Statistics, and so many more. The significance and relevance of mathematical formulae cannot be ignored or by passed.Are you also one of those who are panic stricken on seeing pages of Mathematics, someone who spends sleepless nights worrying about different formulae, their logic as well as their derivation? Do you have a fear for numbers? If yes, here lies the solution of all your problems related to learning Mathematical Formulae:

  1. Maintain Calm:

    First and foremost remember that a peaceful mind is always more receptive to anything new or tricky. Hence, shed away any negativity that is conjuring up in your mind related to your performance in Math.

    Avoid stress and have confidence in your capabilities. Learning complex formulae was never meant to be a feather light exercise. But if others can do it, you too can do it very well. Build up your own techniques of avoiding fear and keeping yourself calm and compose, either by exercising, gymming, listening to your favorite numbers or taking up a hobby.

    If your mind is relaxed, your mind gets prepared to open up to complex problems and jobs later.

  2. Keep yourself focused:

    You must stay focused while keeping distractions at bay. Fix a proper time and place to study.

    Put off your phone away and avoid taking calls from friends and relatives while studying Math. Avoid net surfing or chatting. The more you make up your environment study friendly, the more you will be able to maximize your output.

  3. A quick inspection of your Chapter:

    Get yourself acquainted with the chapterby taking a bird’s eye view even if that means just flipping through the pages while looking at the formulae given in the chapter. You may create a list of various formulae on a flash card.

    Stick that list on your table or at a place where you can glance at it easily and quite often. This will help your brain in memorizing them quickly, as visual impact enhances the learning ability of the mind.

  4. Focus on a single formula at a time

    Learn the formula by heart and try at least 3 problems based on that particular concept immediately, so as to memorize it perfectly. In case the solution is not arrived at, don’t feel disheartened. Analyze your calculations at each step, find out your mistake, and check your derivations, methodologyand procedure again and again.

    Remember, practice makes a man perfect!! The more you will practice more will be the chances of your answers coming around with precision and in good speed. Concentration is the key to many problems in Math, hence concentrate well in putting up the correct formula and then doing correct derivations. Remember never try to learn many formulae at a time. It might land you in a pool of confusion. One step ahead with a concentrated stress free mind will help you in achieving the right results.

  5. Getting assistance:

    While practicing Mathematics ,if you get stuck, then try to get help from your teachers or peers as soon as possible

    In case of some problem cropping up again and again or in case you are being stuck with a derivation never swallow your problem or sit over it for a long time.Seek the required help as soon as possible for only then you can actually move forward to a more complex step. It’s a mathematical ladder where every step should be neatly defined.

  6. Go in for different techniques to study Math

    You need to assist your studies by choosing from a wide range of techniques. A variety of online academicsites are available nowadays to help you solve your problems.

    Also, making a complete list of formulae in your school course and sticking those flash cards may help. This method of study will help you create a mathematical dictionary with notes, concepts and terms, meaning and key points.

    Besides, you must develop a strong student – teacher bond where the teacher is available to assist you. Seek for teachers who are willing to help, they maybe online tutors or those available in your school. Also remember, it is always helpful to study Mathematics in groups . Combine study in a group of 3 to 4 friends who have a good grasp of mathematical techniques and formulae will help in getting immediate solutions to problems and will broaden your outlook. It may also help in giving you an assurance that help is handy and can assist you in achieving good results.

  7. Practice Math every day:

    On somedays, you will tend to take out two to three hours easily for revising the whole chapter, while there will be days when you need to revise your other subjects and therefore not much time will be left for practicing Math. On such days you can go through notes and revise formulae only.You must make a proper Revision Plan.

    Consciously or unconsciously we tend to apply mathematics and its concepts in our practical lives. You must do it consciously in order to make these formulae less abstract to you. It is true thata student may not apply these concepts learned in school directly unless he decides to work in a subject-related field but the subject is of utmost importance in our daily lives.The role of a good mathematics teacher cannot be surpassed because the underlying skills developed by him are everlasting and help in solving a lot of real world problems. The calculation of risk involved in a particular task, the logical thinking and analysis and problem solving attitude is developed to help us in our lives throughout.

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Book a Free Demo Class!!

Book a Free Demo Class!!