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Exam time means a time full of anxiety and tension amongst the students. The only time during which students burn the candles at their both hands covering the maximum syllabus before D-Day.

During this preparation time, students shuffle through extra classes, revision classes, and last-minute tests. Amongst these activities, another and rather a vitally important task is going through the previous year CBSE question papers. Yes, many students think it’s a waste of time to spend on reading and solving CBSE last year question papers, but this is what makes their preparations weak. Therefore, for all the examinees understand the preciousness of these last year question papers, we bring 10 reasons why CBSE last year question papers are most important

The CBSE boards are a nightmare for most of the students. The hullabaloo about the board exams makes examinees nervous, which anyhow decrease their level of confidence. Therefore, to handle the question paper with full confidence and without exam jitters, these previous years, CBSE papers play a pivotal role.

CBSE board exams are not that tough to crack; it is just that the school faculty, those private/ group tutors makes such an environment for the students that only the name of the CBSE boards draw a blank line in front of them and the students start quaking in their boots

Here, we give you 10 reasons why CBSE last year question papers are most important to show away the exam jitters:

  • Brushing up the knowledge

    Irrespective of keeping your nose to the grindstone revising the syllabus, but having the knowledge and applying it to the best use are two different things. Therefore, the CBSE last year question papers play the role of making one use their knowledge in the right form. These Question papers give a clear idea of the pattern of the CBSE papers making it easy for them to handle the exam stress in the hall.

  • Get a grip on Exams Jitters

    Anyone preparing for CBSE board exams is a victim of exam jitters which is quite natural. This fear of exams is another reason for bad performance. But, as it is always said, one should overcome their dismay, the same applies here. And, to help one overcome their fear comes the CBSE last year question papers. Once the students get familiar with the pattern of the paper, it becomes easy for them to tackle it on the final day. Repeatedly solving of these previous years papers helps a lot in this case.

  • Exhaustive Practicing

    "Practice makes a man perfect" a phrase that everyone has heard. This phrase is cent percent correct in every aspect of life, including the exam time. The last year question papers give a plethora of questions to solve covering every nook and cranny of the syllabus. This helps a student master their concepts effortlessly.

  • Analyzing one's preparation

    These last year question papers give a clear insight into one's preparation. These question papers provide a chance to revise the concepts repeatedly. Also, by solving these previous years' papers let a student analyze their preparation levels.

  • Help them understand the marking scheme

    The best part of the CBSE exams is that their pattern and marking schemes don't change. What it was ten years back, the same it is presently. Therefore, solving previous years question papers gives a clear idea to the students about the marking scheme making them score the maximum marks. The marking scheme helps the students prepare for the upcoming exams accordingly.

  • Boost one's self-confidence

    I Having adequate self-confidence makes things much more manageable. These last years question papers play a pivotal role in building the self-confidence required to score maximum in the CBSE exams. Solving a plethora of these question papers gives a clear idea about the pattern and marking scheme preparing the students for the final day with full confidence.

  • Boosting the Speed and Accuracy

    We've many students crib about their paper being too lengthy, resulting in missing out on a few questions. This situation occurs because of the lack of speed required to finish the exam in the given time frame. The previous years' question papers help the students to increase their speed and accuracy by repeatedly solving a plethora of them. The solving of these question papers makes the student's concepts polished, resulting in minimum mistakes and good speed with accuracy to write the answers on the final day.

  • Spotting one's silly mistakes

    Solving these question papers helps the students locate the silly mistakes that can cause them with losing marks. Identification of such mistakes comes in the notice by solving a good number of previous years question papers.

  • Planning an Exam Strategy

    This is an essential point on scoring good in CBSE exams. Everyone outlines a strategy before achieving something big, and the same applies for the exams. Solving the previous years' exams helps one plan the exam strategy that will help them score big in the exams.

These are a few out of many grounds that tell about 10 reasons why CBSE last year question papers are most important . A student just needs to create an account on these platforms like Ziyyara offering online tuitions and enjoy their learning sessions with the help of virtual whiteboard by sitting back at their home in their pajamas without the fear of anything in this World.

Another glaring reason why online tuitions are in trend because of their fee that costs a dime compared to those costly private or group tuition children were "forced" to attend by their parents. Ziyyara is one such platform which charges peanuts in return of the well-trained and highly qualified faculty along with intriguing and friendly teaching sessions.

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